G Central (Freeware)

VVCap is a screen capture tool developed by G Central and released on March 2013. The program enables users to capture the current screen and share it to another person. Once the image is captured, the program automatically tries to upload the image to an online server. Then, a URL for the image is automatically generated. This URL is automatically saved in the clipboard. Thus, the user can share the image by pasting the URL to an email or online message. If the user wants to save the image, what he can do is to paste the URL to an internet browser and hit Enter. Once the image is retrieved by the browser, the user can save the same by right-clicking the image and choosing Save Image As.

VVCap is a small utility that does not take up too much RAM nor space on the hard drive. When not in use, the program rests in the system tray. Users can click on the program icon in the user tray to launch it. Once it is launched, users can choose what part of the screen has to be captured. The guide box for the program can be moved or resized by dragging the corners using the mouse. Once the mouse is released, the image is automatically sent to the online server. Pressing the ESC key cancels the screen capture process.