Vuze Turbo Booster 2.8.0

DownloadBoosters LLC (Freeware)

Vuze Turbo Booster is an add-on developed towards performance enhancements for Vuze, a program used for file sharing. The add-on speeds up the Vuze download process. This is made possible through its ability to find more download sources for files the user wishes to download. This is important when it comes to especially large files, such as high-quality DVD movies, an artist's complete album collection, and console games.

Since Vuze allows downloading multiple files at once, this application provides the added feature of allowing the user to pause the download process. This is usually done to prioritize other downloads in progress. Some of the program's configuration can be set. It remembers these user-specified settings and uses those settings the next time the application is launched. Corrupted and incomplete files can also be deleted through this application.

When Vuze Turbo Booster is installed, the user sees its icon in the system tray. This means that the application is running in the background. Also, this means that the program works even when there are other active windows and that it runs on its own without user interaction. The program uses minimal system resources so it does not slow down other processes, such as those that initiate at start-up.