VSX Ultra Player 0.4.2

Vovoid Media Technologies (Freeware)

VSX Ultra Player is a freeware program designed to visualize audio and sound data. It is developed and released by Vovoid Media Technologies on November 2013. The program enables users to create visual effects music and sound data, particularly 3D effects. The program has an open-source platform enabling other users to create visualization presets. This is called VSX Artiste. Presets and visuals created using Artiste can then be played in the VSX Ultra Player program.

VSX Ultra Player’s counterpart, the VSX Artiste, allows users to interconnect different modules containing information for input and output data. The program supports over 200 modules. This enables users to create different visual using variable textures, bitmaps, and meshes. The program also handles 3D geometry creation, as well as geometry rendering. The program also offers modules that react to sound heard or produced by the sound card. It likewise recognizes input from the joystick.

VSX Ultra Player specializes in musical visualization. Musical visualization refers to a feature found in multimedia players which creates animated imagery based on the beats and rhythms of the music playing. This visualization is rendered in real time to coincide with the beats of the music as it plays. The simplest designs include oscilloscopes and line rays. The complicated ones use a composite of visual effects like lines, bars, spirals, waves, and color gradations.