VSuite Ramdisk (Professional Edition) 5.6

Romex Software (Shareware)

VSuite Ramdisk is a tool that makes use of the computer’s random access memory of RAM in order to simulate a hard disk, thereby reducing the load or work of the actual hard disk and allowing users to access files quickly. RAM speed is faster than other storage types, so users will be able to launch applications or open files more quickly. This also improves the computer’s overall performance. In addition, the user’s hard disk service life will be prolonged by reducing access and therefore wear and tear.

With this tool, issues with slow performance due to hard disk bottlenecking can be eliminated. It enables users to emulate hard disks through the use of the computer’s available physical memory. The Professional Edition of this program has the following features:

• Support for NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 file systems.
• Support for large memory access, even those exceeding 4Gb.
• Identical with physical hard disks, making it easily recognizable by the MMC disk management program of any Windows operating system.
• Customizable disk parameters.
• Support for disk image files, which enable users to load a RAM disk from a saved image file. Users can also set the program to save a RAM disk to an image file at system shutdown automatically.

VSuite Ramdisk can simulate up to 128 RAM disks.