vStrip 0.8f

Maven (Freeware)

vStrip is DVD ripper program developed by Maven. It is a command-line program, which means it works from a shell or the command line. However, it also includes a graphical user interface (GUI) for users.

The program’s interface is composed of three tabs. Each tab corresponds to a certain step to be followed to rip a DVD movie. The first tab is the Input tab. This is where the VOB files are placed. This program also offers different Input Options such as Start LBA, End LBA, Maximum Resync, and a “Is VOB?” checkbox. A decryption option is also available with provides the following settings – Search, Key, and Multi./Theshold%. Users may also organize the VOB files.

After selecting the DVD VOB files, the second tab offers the next step, which is IFO. This tab is used for loading the IFO from the DVD movie. To use this, the user must choose a track with the longest length. There are also SubPicture and Audio menus under this tab. These menus provide subtitle and audio streams with their corresponding properties and language.

The last part is the Output tab. In this tab, users can specify the Output Name for the ripped DVD location. Users may also set the program to extract the movie’s audio to either a PCM or AC3 file. Creating a FrameServing file is also possible. After all the menu is selected, there is a Run button at the bottom used to start the DVD ripping process. Once this button is clicked, it displays a fourth tab called ETA. This tab shows how long it takes to rip the DVD and the average speed.