NComputing Inc. (Shareware)

vSpace is a virtualization platform which includes vSpace Server, vSpace Client, and vSpace Management Center. It is a comprehensive and integrated desktop and software virtualization platform. It is intended for organizations, which use Desktop Virtualization. It can improve work efficiency, reduce desktop computing costs, and lower management costs. vSpace Server supports at most 100 sessions per server instance. It lessens the effort needed to offer a user a personalized desktop computing environment. It reduces deployment time of virtual desktops. It includes an extensive multimedia desktop experience. It supports different kinds of leading applications and server virtualization solutions. It reduces the number of resources (hosts, VMs, and etc.) needed to run the virtual environment.

vSpace Client allows users to add new capabilities regarding personal computer access to vSpace deployed servers. It increases current hardware investments by reusing out-of-date Windows devices to access virtual desktops. It offers simple hardware and software upgrades that can cut costs and save more time. vSpace Management Center is a scalable and centralized management system for deployed desktop access devices. It allows IT administrators to manage client devices and vSpace servers from anywhere and anytime using a single web-based console. It helps in organizing single or multi-site deployment. It allows management tasks to be remotely executed. It decreases the administrative overhead of IT managers in maintaining and controlling their virtual environment.