VSO Inspector 2.0.2

VSO-Software SARL (Freeware)

VSO Inspector is a hardware utility developed by VSO Software in November 2010. This add-on utility allows users to check their hardware configuration particularly disc media readers or burners. VSO Inspector allows users to check the firmware and various other information on their CD, DVD, and even Blu-ray drives. VSO Inspector also allows users to check the media inserted as to content and possible errors.

VSO Inspector interface shows a dropdown selection of available disc drives on the system. Below that are five tabs pertaining to Sector Viewer, Scan, Device Features, Media, and System. Device Features tab lets users view the information on their hardware. It includes general info as to drive vendor, model, drive letter, and firmware version. It also shows DVD features and Read features referring to read modes—CDR, CDRW, etc. This tab also allows users to check for a Firmware update.

VSO Inspector Media tab shows information on the disc media inserted as to physical information and content. Physical information shows media type, manufacturer, read/burn speeds, layers, and free capacity. Content shows the book type and content type of the disc media. VSO Inspector Scan tab shows the status of the media analysis. It provides sector-reading options, area definition, read direction definition. It gives users an overview of the percentage of good sectors and problematic sectors, if any. Users may also choose to do a Surface scan and a File test during scan.