VSO Downloader

VSO Software (Freeware)

VSO Downloader is a multimedia downloading program first released in 2011. This program enables users to download music and video files directly from their web browser. VSO Downloader has features that can detect downloadable music and video files from different streaming and video websites such as DailyMotion, Yahoo!, Google Videos, YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, as well as social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. VSO Downloader supports and recognizes key media formats such as FLV, WMV, ASF, MP4, and SWF. This program can also grab music and video files from a variety of Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

VSO Downloader only requires installation and immediately works once the user opens the browser. Users may configure how the program downloads by assigning filters that will select the files to be downloaded. The program has both automatic and manual downloading as well as features that allow simultaneous downloading of multiple files. VSO Downloader has features that allow users to resume interrupted downloads in case a user accidentally closes the download window or the computer temporarily loses its internet connection.

VSO Downloader also has a built-in converter that can automatically download video files into MP3. This program can convert video files to various formats such as AVI, XVID, H264, MP4, and MPEG-4. Users can also configure settings that automatically convert videos right after downloading.