VSM Studio

LSB (Freeware)

LSB developed the VSM Studio integrated development environment or IDE for integration with Proteus VSM. The latter is a simulation app with a number of different modules. VSM or value stream mapping is a method of manufacture that designs and analyzes material and information flow for the development of consumer products and services. Aside from the fundamentals of an IDE, this particular one also offers the following:

• The automatic downloading, installation, configuration, and detection of numerous compilers to generate appropriate output for Proteus VSM. The programming of this app and the IDE is such that it allows efficient output production from the latter. Projects can be started with Proteus, after which additional work can be accomplished inside VSM towards the modification of lists containing compiler arguments.
• The association of virtual hardware in ISIS file format (a format dealing with electronic diagrams or schematics) with firmware in source code form. The environment permits the inclusion of ISIS schematics and source code unlike generic IDEs. Double-clicking on schematics within the interface will launch it in ISIS so the user can simultaneously develop software and hardware.
• The simulation and debugging of ISIS copies. Pressing “play” in ISIS initiates the simulation, while “pause” permits debugging.