VSLogonScreenCustomizer 1.3.3

LOKIBIT.COM (Freeware)

VSLogonScreenCustomizer is an application which allows users to customize the logon screen for Windows Vista or Windows 7 & 8. For security, this can only work if the user has administrative rights to the computer. The user can use images supported including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, , BMP and WMPhoto.

VSLogonScreenCustomizer has a simple and easy to use interface. The wide portion of the screen is used to preview the design. The command buttons on the right side includes the Open  Picture File, Preview, Apply, Undo, Redo, Default, Reset and Settings. To use the program, the user will just need to click on the Open Picture File to get the picture he wants to put as the back group for the logon screen. He can then look at how it will appear on the desktop screen by clicking on the Preview button. Once finalized, he can click on the Apply button so the changes can take effect. If in case, an error was made or the user is not satisfied, there the Undo button will revert to other setting prior to the last change made, Redo will perform the recent action again while the Default will use the original, unedited logon screen. Additional parameters can be modified by accessing the setting command.