VRS Recording System 5.47

NCH Software (Shareware)

VRS Recording System is a call recording and multiple channel voice recording program. VRS is equipped with an advanced audio compression feature that decreases the file size. This automated system may be used in phone line recording, control room recording, remote audio monitoring, and radio communication recording. Its features also prove adequate for more specialized recording applications.

VRS is capable of recording as many as 64 phone lines. Listening to live recordings is made possible by this utility as well. Here are some of the other features of VRS Recording System:

• Voice-activated call logging (manual and hardware activated options available as well)
• VoIP and PSTN lines support
• Adjustable sensitivity to DTMF tones
• Automatic FTP server upload of recordings
• SQL database availability for logging of recording details

VRS is a multiple channel audio and phone recorder utility by NCH Software. VRS is a reliable application that offers automatic level control. This helps improve voice intelligibility. With this utility, it is quite easy to set-up any recording scenario. This professional-grade tool presents users with a simple user interface that they can use for everyday recording. The main window has all the channel displays and the user can add additional channels when needed. All recorded files are compressed to GSM, MP3, or WAV format.