VR Aquarium (Proprietary)

VR Aquarium is a desktop application that allows users to take care of virtual fish. With this program, users will be able to experience taking care of different kinds of fish right on their desktop. Like real fish, these virtual animals must be fed in order for them to survive. There is a wide variety of food choices available in the program, and the fish have different reactions when fed different kinds of food. When the fish are well fed, they will then start breeding. In addition to being a desktop application, the program also has an educational purpose. It comes with a Tropical Fish Encyclopedia that has information on more than a hundred fish species. Other key components of the VR Aquarium application are the following:

• Construction Yard – The program has a construction yard where users can customize and decorate their own fish tank. There are different objects that can be placed inside the fish tank. Fish tanks that are already created can be edited in the Construction Yard.
• Fish Tank – The fish tank section is where users can enjoy their virtual fish tank in a three-dimensional environment. Users can zoom in and out, and rotate the camera angles.
• Fish Store – The fish store is where users can buy or sell fish.