Voyage Puzzle 1

Sahmon Games (Shareware)

Voyage Puzzle is a match 3 video game that takes users to different locations around the world. The game brings a new twist to match 3 puzzle games. There are balls in different colors on the game screen and players must make matches in order to eliminate them. However, there are also timer balls that lock patch after a few seconds. This makes it more challenging for the player to beat the level. The game also consists of power ups that will make it easier for users to finish the level.

Every five levels, the background of the game changes and takes the player to a different part of the world. Users can also read facts about each location available in the game. The game window displays the number of lives at the upper left portion. The level number is located at the right side. At the bottom part of the window, users can view their score and the number of power ups that they can use. There are five different power ups including a hammer, key, timer, wand, and a clover. Some of the locations in the game include the Eiffel Tower, Kremlin, Taj Mahal, and the Statue of Liberty.