Lexaloffle Games (Proprietary)

Voxatron is a fast-paced shooting game developed by Lexaloffle Games.  Players control an avatar and, using a pea gun, they must blast their way through hordes of enemies that can come from nowhere and everywhere.

Everything in the game is made of voxels or three-dimensional pixels.  Reminiscent of playing blocks, each item in the game appears to be made of countless cubes which, when hit, dismantles and gets blasted into smithereens.  Trees, buildings, enemies, and all pieces found within the game area can be shot and made to explode into a shower of voxels.  

Aside from twenty areas that offer hours of adrenaline-pumping fun, Voxatron also has countless rooms created by other players.  Not only does the monster creation tool offer gamers with virtually unlimited challenges and unique environments, it also allows them to exercise their own brand of creativity, make their own virtual voxel worlds, and design them with destructible structures and objects. They can share their original creations with other players.

While each room in the game appears small, doorways and other means can lead to the next room.  The collection of player-designed levels offer a wide range of themes – from city fights to lava-filled areas, from the indoors of buildings to shop-lined streets – which promises hours of enjoyment.