VOSI File Explorer 2.0 Build 126 (Freeware)

VOSI File Explorer is a file server program that allows users to synchronize their files on the Internet. The program’s main window has three main parts – task management pane, local file management pane, and the online file management pane. Remote files are displayed on the left side of the window, while the local files are located on the right side of the window. The task management pane displays the progress of file transfers, the size of each file, time left, speed of transfer, status of the file, the actions, and many more. In addition, users may share their local and online files with other users through a secure server.

Other features of the VOSI File Explorer application are the following:

• support for editing files that are online
• program can upload files that are 8 Gb and can upload thousands of files
• support for sharing files with sub-users or groups
• supports drag-and-drop feature when uploading folders or files
• program resumes downloads that were interrupted

VOSI File Explorer also allows users to share their published content to contacts and other Internet users. Synchronization of folders and files can be done automatically or manually. The program has an interface similar to Windows Explorer, allowing novice computer users to operate the application.