Vopt 9 9.21.0001

Golden Bow Systems (Shareware)

Vopt 9 is a defragmenting utility developed by Golden Bow Systems. It is used to perform defragging tasks for maintaining optimal reliability and performance of the local hard drives. The program also offers tools for assisting in protecting privacy and regaining wasted disk space.

The purpose of Vopt 9 is to eliminate or reduce file fragmentation. It has three main buttons – Defrag Drive, Analyze Drive and Cleanup. The Defrag Drive button will defrag the currently chosen drive and the Analyze Drive button will identify and show which of the drive’s clusters are being used for. The Cleanup button allows users to view then delete temporary files, Internet history, cookies, USN Journal and others. Aside from this, the program also features the Defragmenting, Status, Health and Tools menus that offer different customizations/settings.

The program’s main interface is a graphic map of the computer’s local drive. It displays which of the drive’s clusters are free (unused), partially used or fully used. After performing analyzes or defragging, the main interface will display which of the clusters consist which type of files (e.g. hiberfile, fragmented files, normal files, excluded files and others). After analyzing/defragging, the program will show a window that lists the data that are using a chosen area. Users can drag a particular file then drop it to a different location. Right-clicking the file/s will display the list of options available such as compressing, uncompressing, encrypting/decrypting the files.