Volvo: The Game

Simbin Development Team AB (Freeware)

Volvo: The Game is a racing game that was first released on May 2009. The game features race tracks (Chayaka and Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena) as well as six Volvo Cars (Volvo 240 Turbo Group A, Volvo C30, Volvo 850, Volvo S60, and Volvo S40). The game also offers three difficulty modes – novice, semi-pro, and pro. In the novice difficulty mode, driver assistance technology is present, while in pro mode, the player is on his own. Players get to choose which car to use for the race. Three types of races are available in the game – the quick race, time attack, and competition. In competition mode, the game connects to the Internet and players can race against others. The game offers a realistic racing experience based on physics. Players also have total control over the gameplay.

Here are the other features of the game:

• Features realistic Volvo cars based on real models (car models that competed or won in car championships)
• Only racing game that features a Ukrainian race track
• Exciting gameplay where players can knock off opponents from the race track
• Players can view car information for each of the Volvo models
• Completely free game