VoipStunt 4.12

VoipStunt (Freeware)

VoipStunt (Voip stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a free program giving high-quality voice communication service to people worldwide. It offers free calls to multiple destinations including Argentina, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Luxembourg, to name a few. It charges low-rates for phones in other destinations. It also offers peer-to-peer technology so people can also call their online friends via their mobile phones for free.

This program also allows users to send SMS at very cheap rates. Sending messages can be done through the Voip software, website, or via an HTML link. Messages can be scheduled and can be sent to multiple recipients like a general message. For instance, if a user is managing a project and needs to remind the project members about a deadline, the user can create the message, schedule when the recipients need to be reminded, and then send the message to all the members. To see how the program works including speed and clarity, the program website offers a free trial call where users just need to enter the number in international format (e.g., 6324115676). VoipStunt is available for download on Windows, Mac and mobile. Download takes a few minutes depending on the connection speed.