VoipCheapCom 4.12

VoipCheapCom (Freeware)

VoipCheapCom is a Voice Over Internet Protocol software that enables users to make voice calls to anywhere around the globe for free using an Internet connection. This software enables users to make calls to regular phones. It can also make peer to peer calls to online friends. Some of the most popular destinations for calls are countries like Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand, among others. The program was developed by a company of the same name and released on February 2011.

The application is available using three different gateways. When installed in a PC, users can make calls directly through the VoipCheap software or by defining an SIP software client. Users may also make voice calls using VoipCheapCom without installing the same in the system by accessing the program website and placing a call from there instead. Users may also make calls from a mobile phone with the program mobile app installed in the device. It is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices, and even Windows phones. Through these devices, users can make calls to international numbers or a local access number even though the location is international. The mobile device may also access the program website. Users may also make voice calls using a fixed phone line through a Phone-to-phone connection or by connecting the phone line to the SIP.