Ultimate Interactive Desktops (Shareware)

VoiceStudio is a speech recognition software that lets users use their voice to control their computers.  The program, developed by Ultimate Interactive Desktops, provides many features that make computing more convenient, considerably lessening the time it takes to create documents, launch programs, and more.

The application automatically creates a Personal User Speech Profile.  This makes it easy for users to train their PCs, and for it to recognize their normal speech and personalized voice commands with greater accuracy.

Moreover, VoiceStudio makes use of animated characters that not only guide and assist users through their use of the program, but also interact with their speech and follow certain commands.  It offers a text to speech function – that is, the characters can read a piece of text for the user upon command.  

With the use of the application, users simply need to speak to launch programs, folders, multimedia files, and more, as well as surf the Web.  VoiceStudio can also take dictation, and they can use it to write and send emails, create documents with text formatting, insert images, print files, and many other functions. Moreover, because it makes use of voice commands instead of typing, time spent typing is greatly reduced and productivity increased.