Voice Recorder 1.40

Moo0 (Freeware)

Moo0 released their Voice Recorder application to provide people with a simple program for recording sound files. This is a downloadable program that can be used to capture any type of sound file on a computer. It can be used to record the following sound files:

• Direct input sounds and voice
• Online music streams
• Skype calls
• Video-based audio files
• Internet radio

The Voice Recorder program also works with a one-click function. Users simply have to click a single button to start recording audio files. There are configuration menus that can be accessed on the interface to help users modify their recorded files. It is possible to change the volume levels, file extensions, language preferences, skins, interface transparency options, and other aspects of the sound file. Aside from the one-click function of the application, it can also be modified to enable hotkey options for user-customized control, as well as faster recording and generation of computer audio files.

Users can manage and monitor their recordings with the help of several drop-down menus. These menus also have options for importing and exporting files to and from computer systems. Users also have the ability to set recording duration with this application.