Voice Reader Integration Manager 2008

linguartec GmbH (Proprietary)

Voice Reader Integration Manager 2008 is a personal reader. This program is designed to read aloud any kind of text. The audio quality is very naturally-sounding and features female voices that are pleasant to listen to. The voice closely resembles that of a human speaker with its natural pronunciation. This tool is primarily intended for private and domestic use. This utility is available in 11 languages.

This tool is essentially a voice output program that is innovative in many ways. Voice Reader Integration Manager 2008 is a utility produced by Linguatec GmbH and it has the following features:
• Simultaneous hearing and reading through synergetic learning effects
• Compatible with a number of text formats such as HTML, RTF, DOC, and TXT
• Foreign language versions also help the user brush up on language skills

With Voice Reader, the user can listen to e-mails rather than read them. This program can transform any type of text into a file that is read to by a pleasant voice with outstanding quality of speech to the user. Voice Reader can easily convert text files into WAV or MP3 format. Voice Reader Integration Manager 2008 may be used on a personal computer. It also functions well with an mp3 player for people who are always on the move.