Voice Pro 12

linguatec GmbH (Proprietary)

Voice Pro is a speech recognition program that allows users to carry out activities on the computer using only voice commands. This can make it easier and quicker for users to do activities on the computer. With the program, users are able to write emails and searching for files on the computer. Users are able to get more things done, as the application can be 3 times quicker than typing out commands.

Here are the main features of the Voice Pro application:

• Adaptable and comprehensive dictionary – The program has a built-in dictionary that is capable of recognizing more than a million word forms. In addition to this, users may also add their own words to the dictionary if they are not in the database.
• SpeechCorrect technology – This technology enables users to easily see the difference between words that are similar in sound but have a different spelling from each other.
• Adapts to user – The application is adaptive, as it keeps track of the way the user speaks. It monitors commands that are commonly used. This allows users to speak out shortcuts for repetitive tasks.
• Accurate speech recognition – The program has 99% accuracy with speech and acoustic models.
• Smart searching – The smart search feature allows users to do different types of activities with just one command.