Vogue Tales

NevoSoft (Shareware)

Vogue Tales is a fashion-themed time management game developed by the company, NevoSoft. The game’s plot follows the adventures of Wendy, a young woman who used to manage her own fashion line. On the day of her 18th year, she receives a special present from her grandmother that will change her life forever. It contains numerous secret techniques that will improve her Wendy’s designing and sewing skills. To her dismay, the box is stolen before she could even read the secrets. She heads off to several European locations to go after the thieves. As Wendy visits each city to catch the culprits, she works at various clothing stores to earn money that will fund the rest of her trip.

In typical time management fashion, this game requires the player – who assumes the role of Wendy – to serve as many satisfied customers as possible to reach the monetary goal. Each customer that enters the store will choose a specific clothing item, which the player must be able to reproduce. Customers may request additional features for their garments like fur trimmings, ribbons, and lace accents. After selecting the patterns, materials, and colors for the dress or suit, the player must click on the hi-tech tube machine that magically combines everything into a piece of clothing. The player may also purchase upgrades to improve customer service, thereby increasing revenue.