Vodafone Mobile Broadband

Vodafone (Freeware)

Vodafone Mobile Broadband is an application that permits users to manage and open LAN, mobile and Wifi connections allowing them to have unlimited Internet access whenever or wherever they are.  It is equipped with a wide-range of solutions for users of Vodafone notebooks and mobile devises. It also enables users to do a wide range of Web activities whether at home or the office.

The application provides portable solutions in terms of Internet mobility for such devices such as laptops, USB devices, modems and data cards.    Ownership of the mentioned devices or a partner SIM card are requisites to obtain the application’s utilities. Vodafone Mobile Broadband functions by automatically assimilating available Wifi, mobile or LAN networks and allowing the user the choicest connectivity option.  One of the best features given by the application for Vodafone mobile phone users is for them to receive or send text SMS messages without even coming in contact with their phones. The application is very concise and user-friendly, and has an engaging and streamlined, yet professional looking interface. Internet connections are tracked, while information on duration and transferred data are always provided. Users can also customize the application’s usage features such as phone SIM management, setting traffic amount limits, prioritization of connections and cost control.