Vocaboly 3.0

Vocaboly Software (Shareware)

Vocaboly is an education program that helps users improve their vocabulary in preparation for different types of texts. The program comes with a vocabulary builder that can be used for practicing for GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, and other types of tests. It uses different types of methods for teaching including games and activities. The program’s interface is simple and intuitive. Users can navigate to different parts of the program from the left side of the main window. From there, users can access a book and view study cards. Books available include VOA Special English, US State Capitals, and more.

Here are more of the program’s main features:

• Has a big vocabulary library that covers different types of words
• Support for different word vocabulary difficulty levels
• Comes with different activities to help make learning more fun
• Users can create their own study books to use with the program
• Support for listening to pronunciations of words

Vocaboly’s activities and tests include Star War (a shooting game), Memory (matching words with their meaning), Multi-Choice (choose the meaning of a word from a group of meanings), Listening (users must spell words according to how they are pronounced), and Recall (helps users remember the meaning of words).