BaldyCom(tm) (Shareware)

VOB Splitter is an application primarily used for splitting VOB files into multiple parts. VOB files are found in a DVD’s VIDEO_TS folder, and have .vob as the filename extension. They are generally large and often contain parts or all of the DVD's contents, from audio, video, menu information, and even subtitles. Because of their size, VOB files may need to be split into smaller files if the user wants to isolate chapters. Smaller files will also be easier to send to others.

To start splitting, the user first loads a DVD into the program’s interface. When the DVD is loaded, the user can then specify the size of the output video. The cutting process starts when the user clicks the “Go” button. When completed, the user can split another file. If the VOB files come from the same disc, the user must assign the same file name for each VOB file from that disc. The program allows users to redo a process without having to restart the program.

The VOB Splitter does not need to be installed. The user can simply extract the file's zip files into a folder and start running the application. When the files are being split, a progress bar notifies the user of the estimated time it will take for the process to be completed.