VobEdit 0.6

Derrow/Decision Development (Freeware)

VobEdit is a video editing program that lets users de-multiplex, merge, trim, and split DVD video files saved in VOB format. It is a small and portable application that requires no installation. As such, it also does not make any changes on the Windows system registry, making it convenient to use on any computer through an external device such as a USB drive.

This application is ideal for users who want to remove certain elements from VOB files, such as logos, copyright information, and warnings that were encoded separately from the video file. Editing using this program is easy, and users are provided with a built-in media player with a preview mode that lets them see exactly what they are doing, and which elements are being removed from the video.

The interface shows a plain window where users can add VOB files to edit via the file browser. On the right portion of the screen, information such as the stream start code, MPEG frame and content details, pack stuffing length and identifier, and PES HeaderData length are shown. The frame content details include the length, frame, and the video’s padding stream start code.

Users can copy the video information to the clipboard and enable various options for editing. They can also access the Edit menu to merge, split, de-multiplex, and preview the video.