VNC® Personal Edition

RealVNC Ltd (Shareware)

VNC (Virtual Network Computer) Personal Edition is one of the available editions of the VNC program. It serves as a remote control program allowing users to view and interact between two computers which run on different operating systems. To use the program, users need two applications – the VNC Server and the VNC Viewer. The VNC Server is installed in the host computer while the VNC Viewer is installed in the client computer. Both computers must be connected to the same network.

VNC Personal Edition provides the following features/functions:

• Security and Protection – The program features VNC authentication, which prevents unauthorized access to one of the computers. This can be done by setting up a password. Aside from this, the program also features 128-bit AES encryption for connections. All data viewed, accessed, opened, and transferred between computers are secured.
• File Transfer – Aside from viewing files, the program also enables users to transfer files between two connected computers. Anyone who has access to one of the computers can transfer files.
• Printing – Users can also use the program to print a file from one computer straight to the printer connected to the network.
• Chat – Aside from file management, file transfer, and printing functions, the application also enables users to chat with other users who are connected between computers.