VNC® Enterprise Edition

RealVNC Ltd (Shareware)

VNC® Enterprise Edition is a remote control and access software used for a number of computers.  No additional centralized servers or agents are needed to run this application with its peer-to-peer architecture facility.  VNC denotes Virtual Network Computing.

The software must be downloaded in two computers - the user wants to control and control from.  The difference is that the software must also be installed and a license must be chosen for the computer to be controlled.  If connection is done through the Internet, configuration of one’s network may also be required. VNC® Enterprise Edition with its ultra-secure and supercharged features, is viable for use from personal to medium and large scale commercial usage.  Computers to be used in conjunction with this software do not necessarily have to be of the same kind.   Some features included are File Transfer, Chat, Deployment Tool, Integrated Address Book, Desktop Scaling, HTTP Proxy Support, Platform-Native Authentication, Integrated Session Security, Single Sign-on Authentication, and Cross-Platform Interoperability, just to name a few.  This application is widely used by millions across the Internet, in private, academic and corporate environments.  With its viewer application, one is able to have access to content and have interplay with another computer.