VNC Address Book


VNC Address Book is a program used to manage UltraVNC connection files. UltraVNC is an application that enables users to access remote computers via a VNC protocol. This program produces network data files with a .VNC file extension. VNC Address Book has features that enable users to browse, edit, and import UltraVNC files. VNC Address Book works by allowing users to search for UltraVNC files in its database. These files are stored in a central directory that is usually located in the “My Documents” folder in the user’s computer. VNC files contain data that enables users to connect to a particular computer. In addition, VNC Address Book also contains tools used to edit UltraVNC files. Upon selecting an UltraVNC file, users may choose to rename the file, or configure its properties. Users may then save the file in a new folder or in the program’s default folder. VNC Address Book organizes folders in two ways: Alphabetic and a Hierarchal directory tree.

Aside from editing UltraVNC files, users can also create new files, and delete the old ones. This program can also be used to connect to remote computers through its default VNC, or other connection protocols such as SSH, TelNet, or PsExec. VNC Address Book’s window can easily be accessed by double clicking on the program’s icon in the system tray.