VMware Workstation

VMware, Inc. (Shareware)

VMware Workstation is a virtual machine application suite first released in 1999 by VMware, Inc. A virtual machine (VM) application is a type of software that creates a virtual environment (mostly operating system) within a physical environment (computers/host operating system). The VMware Workstation application can create and run multiple virtual machines on one computer simultaneously. Each virtual machine can run different operating systems.

Virtual machines can be transported to the vSphere program, VMware’s clouding computing infrastructure. Users can remotely connect to their virtual machines from the vSphere software and other Workstation accounts. This allows sharing of VMs with other people. The Workstation program also features AMD-v and VT-x support. This enables guest operating systems to run hardware-based extensions.

The Workstation application is integrated with the VMware Converter program. This enables conversion of old computer servers. Converting physical to virtual within the host computer is also possible. The program also allows mounting of virtual disks. This can be used to transfer or backup files from the host operating system to virtual disks.

Multiple virtual machines can be turned on all at once. The program also lets users choose which folder the VMs are stored. The Workstation application also features Export to OVF. This enables users to export virtual machines to OVF format. The OVF format is the standard format for distributing and packaging software for VMs.