VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0.1

VMware, Inc. (Freeware)

VmWare vCenter Converter Standalone is a program that enables users to create virtual machines from a physical machine in a computer. A virtual machine is a simulated environment of a physical target machine such as a computer or a measurement tool. Virtual machines are capable of running supported applications like its real-time, physical counterpart. These machines are used to run programs that are incompatible with the software environment used by a user or if the said machine is already obsolete. VmWare vCenter Converter Standalone allows users to emulate the architecture of physical machines that is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows or Linux, third-party image formats, or other virtual machine formats. This program is primarily used in software development and testing the fidelity of programs in different runtime environments. In addition to these, VmWare vCenter Converter Standalone is capable of converting local as well as remote machines without downtime and disruptions.

VmWare vCenter Converter Standalone features a wizard-drive user interface that allows users to create virtual machine in a systematic process. The program’s main panel has three parts. The first part contains the main command buttons that allows users to execute commands in the program. This section contains buttons used in converting a machine, configuring a machine, stop a task, and change view options. The next part is the task list, which allows users to view current and pending tasks. This section displays the task ID, job ID, source, destination, status, start time, and estimated end time. The last part displays the summary and supplementary information about the virtual machine.