VMware Infrastructure Client

VMware, Inc. (Freeware)

VMware Infrastructure Client is a virtual data center that enables users to have an optimized IT infrastructure. It is a program that maximizes infrastructure efficiency, reduces operational costs, and provides cost-effective business continuity. Disaster recovery is also made possible with this software. It does so by utilizing its load-balancing features and memory management. Energy efficiency is increased by allowing the program to turn off unused servers utilizing the green IT solutions incorporated in it.  

The program has three major distinguishing features for its infrastructure services: vCompute, vStorage and vNetwork. VCompute virtualizes resources of the CPU and memory and then aggregates them across the servers to unified combinations of resources. It optimizes the virtual machine performance through memory ballooning, RAM over-commitment, and transparent page sharing.  vStorage ensures that storage is maximized by clustering files. It manages the storage of virtual machine disk files and allows them to be kept on a local or shared folder. Lastly, vNetwork is utilized to align virtual and physical networking. Through the use of load balancing, vNetwork enables the program to ensure availability of network ports of virtual machines. It makes use of in-guest and paravirtualized networks such that performance of the whole system can be enhanced.