Vmmap 3.11

Sysinternals - (Freeware)

VMMap is a utility program used to monitor system processes and physical memory. This program contains features that enable users to get information regarding the performance of their computers running processes and other attributes of their internal memory. VMMap works by analyzing the computer and then shows a graphical diagram of the breakdown of virtual memory types, as well as the total amount of physical memory, and memory allocated by the operating system for running applications. In addition to memory and processes information, VMMap displays the summary information as well as a detailed process memory map. Users are also provided with refresh and filtering tools that allow them to locate the sources of dedicated memory usage and memory cost of different installed application features. This application is also capable of exporting data in different formats, including a native format that can preserve the original information that users can re-upload in the application.

VMMap features a simple user interface that primarily displays information on system processes and allocated memory. The only control buttons include Timeline, Heap Allocations, Call Tree, Trace, and Refresh that can be found along the bottom part of the program window. The main display is color coded to enable users to easily identify the required information. VMMap also includes a configuration panel that is used to adjust the program settings. This application can be set to run as a background application during startup that can be accessed from the desktop system tray.