VMLite Workstation

VMLite, Inc. (Proprietary)

VMLite Workstation is a virtual desktop program developed by VMLite, Inc. The program enables users to run two different operating systems in one computer—a host operating system and a guest operating system. The program enables users to set up a virtual desktop that will run the guest operating system. On the other hand, the real computer runs the host operating system. The real and the virtual one may run different operating systems simultaneously in one physical computer. The two operating systems may be the same, but of different versions. Each operating system may contain its own set of applications and run the same without complications from the other system. The guest operating system running on the virtual machine does not recognize its virtual existence. Instead, it functions like it is the physical system.

VMLite Workstation offers several features. The program provides support for XP mode and VM hibernation. VM stands for Virtual Machine. It features an intuitive user interface allowing users to create, delete, or execute a virtual machine. The program supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. A 64-bit OS may even run on a 32-bit host system with compatible video cards installed. The program likewise offers compatibility with virtual disk formats including VHD, VDI, VMDK, and HDD. The virtual machine can also have an IP address, whether real or virtual. The program likewise supports multiple virtual CPU cores.