vLite - Vista Lite 1.2

Dino Nuhagic (nuhi) (Freeware)

vLite is a utility program developed by Dino Nuhagic. It is used for customizing the installation of Windows Vista before the actual installation process. The program offers different options during Vista installation. There’s the Tasks tab, which is used for selecting the features that will be included in the Vista installation. There’s also an option for choosing which drivers, hotfixes and language packs will be installed together with the Vista operating system. This feature is available in the Integration tab.

The program also features the Components tab. This tab is used for selecting which components of the Vista operating system will be included in the installation process. During a typical installation, the operating system includes all of the components. Through the Components tab, users have the ability to handpick the components that are useful. vLite also features the Unattended tab. Use this tab for automatically filling out or removing tasks that normally requires the user’s presence during installation. By accessing this tab, users can leave the computer unattended while the installation is being completed. The program will fill out or remove certain aspects of the process all by itself. There’s also the ISO tab for completing the construction of the new Vista installation CD. This feature enables users to either create an ISO file or burn the operating system to a disc.