VLC Streamer 3.28

Hobbyist Software (Freeware)

VLC Streamer is a program developed by Hobbyist Software for streaming videos. It is specifically designed to help mobile users to streams movies or any video clips from the computer (Windows or Mac) over a wifi connection directly to a mobile phone (Apple or Android). The program comes with a helper application that allows users to stream videos from the computer. It also enables users to browse the local drives as well as network shares. The program also offers conversion function, which allows it to convert almost any movie format.

The program’s helper application is the program installed in the computer. It guides the user how to stream videos from the computer straight to a mobile device. The helper application’s interface is straightforward. It only asks the user the drag-and-drop the video file to be streamed. There is also a queue box, which lists down all the other video files to be streamed. Users can also check the connection of the Internet via the Connection Help button found at the button area of the program.

VLC Streamer offers various Conversion Quality presets. These presets enable the user to choose the quality of the video file. An Advanced Conversion setting is also available. It provides several configuration options that allow the user to customize the converted video.