VKSaver 3.1 (Freeware)

VKSaver is a program that enables users to download media files such as audio and video, from the Russian social networking site, VKontakte. VKSaver is an add-on program to the VKontakte website that would allow users to download the media file content directly without the need for a third-party program. VKSaver only requires installation, and needs simple operation by the user.

To install VKSaver, a user must first close all open browser windows then complete the installation guide by clicking “yes” on the command prompts of the installer. After installation, users may access the VKontakte website to search for any audio or video that they want to download. Users will then find a “Save” button just below each media file. Clicking on the save button will redirect the user to a web page that contains download links for the selected media. VKSaver recognizes audio and video formats uploaded in the VKontakte social network. These include WMA and MP3 for audio or MP4 and AVI for video. Users could download files one at a time. Download time depends on the audio or video file size and on the user’s browser and internet speed. VKSaver is free of charge and is compatible to all available browsers such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.