VKontakte DJ 3.5.2

iDeveloperNetwork Ltd. (Freeware)

VKontakte DJ is a multimedia application that allows users to download and manage multimedia files. Users can download entire music albums, or mp3s with just a single click. To download a full album, users can click on the blue drive. For single files, users can click on the black note. The program has a built-in mp3, FLV, and mp4 player, too. The program’s window contains all the tools for searching, downloading, and playing files. Searching for files can be done by artist, title, or genre. Upon downloading, the application will automatically select the best bitrate for the files. The program also features a music chart that is updated daily.

VKontakte DJ is also a social network. Users can chat with friends or share files. Users can also join group chats and communicate with other VKontakte DJ users. One of the features of the application is lyrics display. It automatically displays the lyrics to most songs, in some cases even the chords for the song. Users can search from a wide variety of music genres including rock, metal, techno, Russian music, and many more.

The program automatically updates during startup so users always have the most recent version installed in the system.