Viva Com (Proprietary)

VIVO INTERNET 3G has a range of services that users can choose from based on their connectivity needs. The maximum speed possible with the packages offered is 1Mbps. Internet service has become a necessity in everyday life, especially now that millions of people around the world are using the Web to communicate, work and study. Internet use is not limited to research only. People now engage in leisure activities such as watching shows and videos online. This utility is one of the many connectivity options available to Internet users. This Internet connectivity too is available to users residing in Brazil.

VIVO INTERNET 3G provides choices based on customer needs. For example, Plan 500MB is recommended for computer users who frequent social networking platforms on top of e-mail usage. On the other hand, for those who use the computer to a much less extent, the 300 MB live 3G plan is advisable. The company’s unlimited 3G offer is presented to the public without surplus charges. Desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone users can benefit from the reliable Internet connection that characterizes the Vivo offers.

VIVO INTERNET 3G offers consumers the opportunity to pick out a package that suits their daily usage requirements. The company has also included the option of additional mobile Web access without extra charges. Outside of Brazil, special charges are given to users who avail of this 3G connectivity.