Vista Imaging Incorporated (Proprietary)

ViVIEWer is a graphic apps viewer utility. This program is specifically designed to open and explore files in 3DS. Single 3ds files may be viewed without other files. ViVIEWer is developed by Vista Imaging, Inc. It was first released in 2005.

This utility is capable of opening more than one 3ds files together. Here are the basic operations made possible to users of this utility:
• Rotating 3ds files
• Walking around 3ds objects
• Scaling 3ds files using the number pad “plus” and minus” signs
• Switching “look” and “walk” mode using specified toolbar button
• Zooming in and out using the (+) and (-) sign on the numpad

This application is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and WinME.

ViVIEWer is a shareware that is easy to use. Here is an overview of some of the basic operations involved in using this utility: Rotation speed can be further increased using “9” on the numpad, while a decrease can be affected by hitting “3” on the numpad. Meanwhile, under the “Look” mode, the left arrow brings the scene to the left and the right arrow brings it to the right. The up arrow rotates the scene forward to the viewer while the down arrow rotates the scene backwards.