Vitamin D Video

Vitamin D Video, LLC (Freeware)

Vitamin D Video is a monitoring tool that is able to detect if there are movements on a surveillance video. It detects objects that are moving as well as people. The program does not need expensive equipment to work. A computer and a webcam will suffice to start surveillance for an area. The program can be used in homes, offices, and small businesses. Once the program is connected and starts recording, it will detect all the movement seen within the scope of the camera, even a few meters away. Movements are recognized as objects or as people.

Upon installation, the program takes the user through the set up process in order to configure the settings of the camera. This is also to make sure that the video will be recorded by the application. All videos recorded by the program are saved in the MP4 file format.

When checking for daily reels, there is a filter feature that enables users to view people, objects, or both. The source areas of movements are shown in a yellow outline. A scheduling feature also allows the user to create a schedule to start recording or when to export the videos to the computer’s hard drive.