Egis Technology Inc. (Shareware)

Because of their reliability and widespread use as biometric data, fingerprints continue to be an excellent means of personal identification and security against unauthorized access. Vitakey Fingerprint Solution is a software package that prevents others from accessing a user's computer without authorization. The uniqueness of the features of a fingerprint is used by this software to make this function possible. The application is useful for people who heavily depend on computers for their daily activities. Common tasks that include emailing, sending instant messages, and making electronic bank transactions may benefit from this protection. Those that deal with multiple email accounts can get username and password management assistance from the software. A single finger swipe is all that is needed for the user to access webpages and applications.

The program's essential features include the following:

• Computer Protection – Once fingerprint authentication is activated, a user can block other users from utilizing the computer without his permission. The blocking function can work with the Windows Logon as well as Screen Saver Logon.
• Password Bank – Vitakey manages frequently visited websites and applications requiring log-in usernames and passwords. Users no longer have to repeatedly input their identification details each time they use such pages and programs. Multiple accounts on similar pages are supported. This feature is applicable to a variety of applications such as Internet Explorer, Windows Live Messenger 8.1, QQ 7.0, Skype, and Lotus Notes.
• File Protection – Files can be opened, browsed, edited, and deleted using fingerprint authentication. File encryption and decryption can be performed with the fingerprint. Files that have been encrypted can no longer be renamed, copied, deleted, or moved if the fingerprint is not used. The program, however, provides an easy-to-use search function that permits the user to manage encrypted files.
• Application Protection – The software keeps applications safe from being accessed by other users through fingerprint authentication. There is no need to open these applications individually as they can be managed from a single control window. Moved or duplicated applications continue to receive protection.