VisualDivX Development Team (Freeware)

VisualDivX is an application that assists users in cataloguing and managing their movie files. Movie files may include full-length films, video clips, animated movies, documentaries, and television series. The interface contains all of the details regarding the video file. The main screen is divided into two major halves. The left side is divided into three—one column at the left; the right column is horizontally divided into two. At the leftmost panel, users can see the list of video files in their media library. Upon selecting one, the application will show the movie’s poster (or other cover image) at the top portion of the right panel, while the members of the cast are listed at the bottom portion.

The right half of the screen contains the artistic and technical details of the movie, including the title, director, duration, category or genre, and producer, among others. This panel also contains the movie’s synopsis and commentaries made by film reviewers and different websites. The application allows users to customize the data fields and import movie information from online sources. Each movie in the user’s library would have its own movie card where all of the details are shown. Users can link the card with the video file of the associated movie and watch the movie directly from VisualDivX.