VisualBoyAdvance emulator

None (Open Source)

VisualBoyAdvance Emulator is a Game Boy emulator that allows users to play Game Boy games on the computer. It supports games for Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and the classic Game Boy. While playing games, users can also record video and audio files in AVI and WAV formats. The program also has joystick support, allowing users to use a joystick instead of the mouse and keyboard. Users can also grab screen captures while playing games.

The program has a simple interface that consists of five main menus, namely File, Options, Cheats, Tools, and Help. The application also supports he saving of game progress, so users can load games from their save point. Up to 10 profiles can be saved with the program and they can be accessed from the Load Game sub-menu under the File menu.

Other features of the VisualBoyAdvance Emulator are the following:

• users are able to save games at any point during the game
• program has built-in graphic filters that improve the game’s display on the computer screen
• support for emulating capabilities of the Game Boy Printer
• games can be played in full screen mode
• support for exporting or importing games from other Game Boy emulators