Visual ToolTip 2.2

Christian Salmon (Freeware)

Visual ToolTip is a software application that mounts a dock in the users’ desktops. A dock is a desktop utility that serves as an alternate taskbar. It stores the users’ program thumbnails for easy access. This program was developed by Christian Salmon in 2007.

The dock accepts any type of thumbnail, or the small window that shows the preview of a program.  Users can also place folder shortcuts, launchers and system tray icons in the dock. The dock can be moved anywhere in the users’ desktops. They only have to drag the dock around the screen to do it.  The orientation of the thumbnails in the dock can be changed. The users have to press the CTRL key while dragging the thumbnails to the right.

When the users hover their cursor over the a thumbnail in the dock, it will expand to show them a preview of the program while it is running. The name of the program will also appear at the topmost part of the thumbnail.

The dock’s appearance can be changed through the settings of the software:

• The frame color of the thumbnail
• The transparency of the thumbnail
• The size of the thumbnail
• The animation that the thumbnail will perform when the cursor hovers over it

Visual ToolTip does not require installation.