Visual Thesaurus

Thinkmap, Inc. (Shareware)

Visual Thesaurus is an online interactive thesaurus. Users must create an account on the official website in order to use the program. When users search for words on the thesaurus, it displays a list of related words in the form of a word map. The program is useful for those who are studying and understanding the English language. The word map shows different words and there are colored dots that are displayed as well. These dots represent the type of words the synonyms are. The classifications are adverbs, verbs, adjectives, and nouns. There is also a small speaker symbol beside the original word searched so users can hear how it is pronounced. The meaning of the word is displayed in a small pop up window when the user mouses over the dot connected to the word.  

Here are the other main features of the Visual Thesaurus program:

• Has more than 145,000 words included in the database including 39,000 proper nouns
• The settings allows users to customize the program according to their preferences including  display, font size, and filter
• Program can be accessed from other computers as long as it is connected to the Internet
• Support for different languages including Dutch, French, German, and Spanish