Visual Terrain Maker

UNGSoft Developers Group (Freeware)

UNGSoft Developers Group developed the Visual Terrain Maker. This particular program is ideal for game developers because of its ability to help them create three dimensional models of various gameplay environments. There are different features that make this program user-friendly compared to other similar applications. The best part about it is that the Visual Terrain Maker can be downloaded and utilized free of charge.

These days, games have developed to carry hyper-realistic imagery. Aside from the main and supporting characters, even the playing environments have been developed to look as realistic as possible. These elements add to the value of the game as it increases the positive experience of the player. The Visual Terrain Maker application serves to provide a series of tools and an interface where game developers can create these realistic environments. Bitmap textures are supported by the program.

Aside from creating gameplay environments, the #D modeling application can also be used to generate maps that can be used outside the gaming industry. This program is quite easy to use because it is equipped with a #D model generation wizard which guides users on every step of the process. The application is not only simple to use but quite efficient too. The size of executable files has a maximum 80KB limit which is quite large. It can be used to export projects to text file formatting as well.