Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

MindGems, Inc. (Proprietary)

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is a software utility that can search for and delete duplicate images efficiently. These duplicates may occur if the user utilizes several image editors, wherein numerous copies of the same image are generated – some as back-up copies in case of a system crash. If the user has hundreds or thousands of images in a hard drive and each of these has more than a dozen duplicate copies, the disk space allocated for these unnecessary files can be significant. These duplicates have to be deleted to free up space in the hard drive otherwise used so these resources can be put to appropriate use.
The software can work with duplicate images in different formats, sizes, or bit depths. It is also possible to perform customized scans by adjusting the similarity levels to broaden the search results for a photo or set of photos. Here are some of the main features of this software, in addition to those previously mentioned:
• It can move or delete these unneeded dupe images.
• It has an auto-check capability.
• It uses visual comparison to find and organize similar images in user-defined folders.
• User can specify whether to move the duplicate files to a specific folder, to the Recycle Bin, or to delete these permanently.
• Users can preview and compare original and duplicate image files.